Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions What is a lien?
A lien is a filing of notice for a security agreement against personal property to guarantee payment of a debt. It is not linked to the Land Registry. For example, when you borrow money to purchase a car, the lender files a lien on the vehicle. If you default on the loan, the lender can take the car back. Once the debt is fully repaid a release of the lien (also known as a discharge) is provided by the lender. A lien registered under the PPSA or RSLA act is a publicly accessible document. Any company or individual can order a search to determine if another company or individual has any liens against themselves. PPSA is not protected by provincial privacy regulations. If you wish to register a lien against a parcel of land in the Land Registry, contact your lawyer for assistance.
What is PPSA?
Personal Property Security Act, a statute used in most provinces in Canada regulating the taking and enforcement of security. Each province has its own PPSA rules and regulations.
How long does it take to process?
Times vary by province and time of request. Please click here for estimated result times.
Why is there a "PPSA" charge on my Bank Account Statement?

Your bank may use a transaction code called "PPSA" which is similar to the name of our website. This is not EasyPPSA debiting funds from your account.

If you have taken a loan, line of credit, or leased a vehicle recently, the charge you are seeing on your bank statement is not from us. A PPSA will usually be the result of some financing or leasing contract that you've recently taken on. Only your bank can access your bank account legitimately and we have no way of debiting funds from your accounts.

Please get in touch with your bank to determine the source of this charge you are seeing. The bank can perform a trace on the transaction to find the exact source. If your bank is unable to assist you in determining the nature of this charge you can do a PPSA search using EasyPPSA, click here. The search results may tell you the secured party that has registered a lien against you and charged your bank account.
How do I get my results?
Results are e-mailed or faxed to the address or number provided on our form.
How do I get billed?
We currently support Visa, MasterCard and American Express. A secure payment form will be provided at the end of your transaction.
I do not want to submit online, are there other options available?
Yes, a fax in form is available here. Additional charges may apply.
Do you provide walk-in or over-the-counter service?
No. All our services are done online or by fax only.
What is a "government disbursement"?
The government charges a fee for every transaction. We must pass this fee on to you as a disbursement. This fee is exempt from all taxes.
Who can access PPSA / lien information?
PPSA is public information. Any individual can search, register, or amend a PPSA request. You must make your PPSA requests through a provider who acts on your behalf to complete your request.
Do you search or register UCCs?
UCC stands for Uniform Commercial Code - it's a standard similar to PPSA used in the United States. We search and register the Canadian equivalent, PPSA. We do not search UCCs in the United States. For more information on performing UCC searches and registrations, consult the consumer and commercial registrar within the state you're interested in.
What software do I need to view the results?
Results are sent to the email address of your choosing as a PDF attachment. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. Click here to obtain the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
Lien Search How long does it take to receive lien search results?
Times vary by province and time of request. Please click here for estimated result times.
How much does a lien search cost?
Click here to see our price list.
What type of information is required to do a search?
A search can be completed by providing an individual name, business name, or VIN / serial number. In some provinces you can perform a search on a known registration number.
Can I search the entire country at once?
Each province has its own PPSA database. You must submit a separate request for each province and territory.
Can I search for a boat?
Yes, but your search may come up inconclusive in Ontario, BC, and Alberta. Those provinces don't have a boat classification for their serial numbered goods. You may wish to search the owners name as a precaution.
Lien Registration How long does it take to register a lien?
Times vary by province and time of request. Please click here for estimated result times.
Ontario PPSA Guide (PDF)
The Ontario PPSA Guide, sometimes called 'The Green Book', is available here:
Personal Property Security Registration and Enquiry Guide (PDF)
How long does it take to register a lien?
Times vary by province and time of request. Most provinces are approximately 3 hours when submitted during regular business hours with the following exceptions: Quebec is 1 week, Yukon is 2 weeks.
How much does it cost to register a lien?
Click here to see our price list.
How do I know I am registered / what do I receive?
You will receive an electronic verification by e-mail. This verification is proof that your registration has been processed. The verification will include a registration number and expiry date. In some cases you will receive a hard copy in the mail directly from the Provincial Ministry.
What information do I need in order to complete a registration?
To register a PPSA, you need four pieces of information:
  • The Period - the number of years the PPSA must exist for
  • The Debtor - The person you are lending to
  • The Secured Party - the lender, financer, or lessor
  • The Collateral Description - a description of the collateral related to the PPSA
Click here to see an example of a completed registration form.
How long do I register for?
This depends on the terms you have agreed upon with your debtor. Often agreements may not extend for whole years. PPSA requires registration terms be entered in years - if your security is going to be satisfied before the end of the year, add the remainder for safety.
Do I need a signature?
No. You do not need a signature to register a PPSA. However, you should have some other document in the form of a security agreement - which can be prepared by you with signatures from your debtors, witnesses and secured parties. This security agreement is not part of the PPSA registration process and you do not provide it to us with your PPSA request.
What are the different types of registration?
There are two major types of registrations. PPSA and RSLA (or Garagemens Lien) A PPSA (Personal Property Security Act) is used to indicate security has been put in place for financing, leasing or lending of funds where collateral is provided. An RSLA (Repairs and Storage Lien Act) is used when a vehicle is repaired or stored on behalf of the debtor while the secured party awaits payment for work done on the vehicle. RSLA registrations can be registered for a maximum of 3 years. Unlike a PPSA, which can represent a general security agreement, RSLA registrations must contain specific Collateral descriptions that can be used to identify the items being repaired or stored. There are also Land Title Liens - often called "Charges" but are usually more commonly known as "Mortgages". We do not produce these types of liens and recommend you consult your legal advisor if you wish to register a lien against a parcel of land.
Corporate Search How long does it take to receive corporate search results?
Times vary by province and time of request. Please click here for estimated result times.
How much does a corporate search cost?
Click here to see our price list.
Do you perform NUANS searches?
There are two types of NUANS searches. We perform NUANS pre-searches that are suitable for checking the existence of a business name. NUANS pre-searches are national in scope. Your NUANS result will contain a brief chart containing the summary information for the company you requested. The summary includes the jurisdiction, corporate number and often a registration date. If no match is returned the company name you entered does not exist. NUANS also provides a larger search which we do not perform.
Land Title Search How long does it take to receive Land Title search results?
Times vary by province and time of request. Please click here for estimated result times.
How much does a land title search cost?
Most provinces and territories are $60.00, please contact us for more details.