Help with EasyPPSA
The How-To Guide
Lien Searching How specific in my search do I need to be?
As specific as possible. If you are too vague with your search you may end up with a very large result making it difficult to find what you want or your search criteria may not sufficiently match what you are looking for and miss your results.
If I make a mistake, can the transaction be refunded or aborted?
Generally no. Ministries only issue refunds if there is a system failure on their end. It is important to ensure the data you enter is correct as the ministries will not re-process a request at a discounted rate or refund a request due to user error.
Transactions go into a processing queue and while some provinces take longer than others to get responses back your request is sent to the ministies as soon as possible. Once a ministry has the transaction in their queue they will not abort the request.